Chapter 26 Quiz:

The New Power Balance, 1850 – 1900

1. With the first one built in England in 1830, the railroads network developed almost everywhere. What was the result of the railroads building?



2. What are the three new industries in which United States and Germany surpass Great Britain?



3. European population doubled in between 1850 – 1914 which provoked a mass migration to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Argentina. What were some causes of the European migration?



4. Victorian era, a period during the reign of Queen Victoria of England, brought a change in the way people saw the family, with “separate spheres” for men and women. In this period, the middle class also grew larger. What was one criterion of belonging to the middle class?


5. Suffragists were women that demanded the right to vote (suffrage). They demonstrated, protested, and were arrested. Some countries had already granted the right to vote to women taxpayers as early as 17th century and New Zealand was the first to do so for all women in 1893. When did United States and England legally acknowledge this right?


6. The rapid industrialization of the modern west, including the United States, created a great need for workers who migrated to the cities and took jobs in the new industries. The work conditions were dangerous, and the pay was low. What movement emerged as society recognized the need for change and improvement of workers condition?



7. Who is the most representative exponent of the socialist movement that lunch its doctrine in the book called “Das Kapital” or “The Capital”?


8. Nationalism is a political ideology in which people that speak the same language, live and the same geographical area and share similar cultural tradition belong to the same nation. What result had this ideology that raised in Europe in the 19th century?



9. In1859 Charles Darwin published a book called “On the Origin of Species” where he launched his theory of evolution. Some philosophers like Herbert Spence used this theory to:


10. As the world changed around wealth and global domination due to industrialization, so the balance of power in the world. Which were some states in Europe that failed to strengthen?


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