Chapter 7 Quiz:

Network of communication and exchange 300 B.C.E. – 600 C.E.

1. What factors contributed to the growth of trade along the Silk Road?


2. What is the Silk Road?


3. Besides trading and communication, the Silk Road was also responsible for spreading ideas and innovations.  What are two military tools that originated in Central Asia and spread in the West and East of the continent?


4. As people traveled along the Silk Road, they encountered communities with different lifestyle from their own: sometimes their dress code was distinct, or the food, or they believe in other, stranger Gods. These travelers and traders told stories of what they’ve seen in their journeys. This way, they help propagate ideas and innovations, along with physical goods. What was one major religion that was spread this way?



5. In ancient time, people used to sail along the coasts from port to port, to exchange goods. One such route developed in the Indian Ocean linking countries from Africa in the east, to Indonesia, in the west. Today, we refer at this route as:


6. To a smaller scale, another maritime route developed in the Mediterranean Sea, where more powerful states established flourishing trade centers along the coasts. What was one difference between these systems, besides the obvious, geographical one?


7. In Africa, the best-known trade network was the trans-Saharan route, from North Africa, across Sahara Desert, to the communities living in the South. What particular animal is credited as playing a major role in linking the cultures of north Africa to the ones in the south of Sahara Desert?


8. There is little archeological evidence of how the sub-Saharan cultured developed. But we can rely on linguistic analysis of more then 300 languages spoken in the region that belong to the same Niger-Congo family to argue that a cultural unity was achieved. What is the name of this language that has been extended to a regional culture?


9. Buddhism spread through the Asian continent between 3rd century B.C.E. and 2nd century C.E., carried by missionaries and pilgrims on the Silk Roads or on ships along Indian Ocean costs. The new communities adapted the Buddhism teachings resulting in two forms: Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. Choose which of the following statements are true.


10. Another religion that spread in this time was Christianity. Aside from its earlier centers in Palestine, Syria and Egypt, what other two communities emerged with the help of the trade routes?


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