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Ancient India 1500 BCE – 550 CE

1. Indian subcontinent, also called and South Asia, is an isolated landmass that includes modern day Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and the island of Sri Lanka. What is the name of the ocean that surrounds it on three sides?



2. What is “the Vedic Age”?


3. What are “Vedas?”


4. Dasas and Aryas where two tribes fighting for dominance in the plains of the Ganges River. What was the main difference between these tribes?


5. In Vedic India, society was divided according with:


6. What were the “untouchables”?


7. People in Indian society believed in reincarnation, opportunity in which a poor man could move up a class if their lifetime deeds were good. What was this “good deeds/bad deeds” called?


8. Some people who opposed the cast system took to the forests to hid and preach. They said that one could stop the cycle of reincarnation through physical and mental discipline and renouncing to any desires one may have. Who was the most famous of these people?



9. Under social pressure, the Vedic religion evolved to incorporate elements of Dravidianism and Buddhism. How do we call this religion that is now largely practiced in South Asia?


10. Arts and science were protected under Gupta dynasty (320 – 550 C.E.). What are two mathematics innovation of this period?


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