Chapter 17 Quiz:

The diversity of American Colonial Societies, 1530 – 1770

1. The European settlement in Americas starting with the 16th century brought a series of changes in both parts of the world, with Americas being deeply affected and Europe benefiting from it. Among those are demographic changes, transfer of plants and animals, people, diseases and technologies. How do we call this process?


2. Who were the first European states to colonize the new world?


3. When the Spanish and Portuguese settlers arrived in America, they wanted to change the social arrangement of the indigenous people according to their own: European system of social hierarchy based on power and wealth, with the corresponding rules of law, customs and traditions.  What was another especially important institution brought from Europe that was imposed in the new colonies?


4. What kind of industries developed in colonial Latin America?


5. One of the labor systems practiced in the Spanish colonies is called Encomienda. What does this term refer to?


6. Spanish and Portuguese colonies made their fortune from silver and sugar and relied on forced labor of Amerindians and African slaves. Some slaves could buy their freedom through a law called Manumission, but others revolted or runaway. While the revolts were fast suppressed, the runaway slaves did what?


7. While Spain and Portugal relied on heave administration and bureaucracies to keep order and exploit their central and south American possessions, England, one hundred years later, took a different path allowing private companies and individuals to establish settlements in North America. Who was the first English enterprise to settle in America?


8. British colonies in North America developed regional political tradition and characteristics. They also attracted immigrants, but their labor relied on slaves and indenture servants. What it is true about the indenture servants?


9. France expansion in the new world was slow and it only gained a foothold by military alliances with the indigenous population. Its enterprise depended heavily on the fur trade. What is the first French settlement called and where was founded?


10. As the European states realized that even more wealth could be extracted from the American colonies, they imposed a series of reforms like expelling the order of Jesuits from the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, and imposing new taxes and monopolies while reducing the access of creole population to administrative jobs. Who led one rebellion against Spain’s rule in Peru?


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